Immortal Champions

by Sanctifyre

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Power Metal Frank An awesome blend of speed, heavy and POWER METAL that will release the warrior spirit in you (which also happens to be my favorite track.) Lots of energy and passion. Favorite track: Warrior Spirit.
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released July 9, 2017

Wyatt Lightning - Lead Vocals
Nikki Krimson - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Noah Hadnutt - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Edwards - Bass, Vocals, Recording, Engineering, Mixing/Mastering
Eric Norris - Drums

Album art by Brian Crabaugh



all rights reserved


Sanctifyre Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Immortal Champions
Out from the east comes a thunder from hell
An omen of death on the wind
Revenge for the father that has come before
They thirst for blood and revenge
Facing the terror, the demons unleashed
The Spartans are left to defend
Calling the banners for all to protect
The civilization of man

Can you hear what they say?
The reaper rides this day
They may blot out the sun
But we'll fight in the shade

Immortal Champions

In battle the Spartans will meet them head on
To stop their advance in its tracks
Knowing we'll never return to our homes
We'll give all to counterattack
In the high pass we will make our stand
Between the mountains and sea
Three hundred great men bear the weight of the world
Our deeds live on through history

This is our final death knell
But tonight we dine in hell
We brace with our shield wall
Immortal champions standing tall

Immortal Champions
Track Name: Skull Shattering Steel
Invading your city we light up the night
Unstoppable force bringing iron and might
Power electrifying set to explode
Sanctified fire, metallic overload

When the sun gives way to the night
Brothers and sisters unite
Force the mighty to kneel
Slaughtering those who oppose
With speeding rock n' roll
Face the power that's real
Skull shattering steel

The power to decimate lies in our hands
Unstoppable force to bring hellish command
Bulldozing those who would stand in our way
Blazing destruction, casting dismay

When the sun gives way to the night
Brothers and sisters unite
Force the mighty to kneel
Slaughtering those who oppose
With speeding rock n' roll
Face the power that's real
Skull shattering steel

And we're coming for you!
Track Name: Hero of Time
From the ancient forest, a hero answers the call
Wielding evils bane, he's come to save us all
From the king of Darkness, who brought terror to the land
Master of our destiny, the future's in his hands

In the dead of night
There's no
The time is now, beware the king of kings

Hero of time
Restore peace and justice
Hero of time
Driving back the darkness

From the dungeons deep, he conquers all of his foes
With the power of goddesses, the warrior stands alone
To defeat the evil king shall be his final test
Lay true the sword of evils bane, and lay his soul to rest

Hero of time
Bring your journey to an end
Hero of time
Shine your light on the land
Track Name: Warrior Spirit
Riding down the highway now we're on the open road
Facing the horizon moving closer to our goal
Born to chase our destiny, not blindly move along
Rising to the challenge we are brothers standing strong

Never give in
Reach for the sky
Stand up, go forth, take command
The warrior spirit never dies

On toward the future we are never looking back
Disregard the losses as we move in to attack
Highway warriors come to town, here to conquer all
Cast away the hardships we are following our call
Track Name: The Colossus Falls
General victorious by his mastery of war
Beloved by the people he was chosen by the gods
The iron hand of Rome will conquer all those who defy
Wreathed in adulation the man becomes divine

Caesar grows too powerful, the liberators told
Secrecy and whispers bring them closer to their goal
Downfall of the overlord is what they seek to bring
The Ides of March are dawning and the trap is set to spring

Caught in the vice
He sinks to his knees
Ambition's price
Blood runs free
Treason calls
Blades held high
Colossus falls
Republic dies
Track Name: The Lone Wanderer
Out in the waste he rides
A myth he is to the land
In search of weapons and food
Survival his task at hand

Have we lost all hope
For this country once ruled by Man?
No justice to be found
There is no guiding hand

Born of the vault
Purified by the waste
Child of the war
Death soon his fate
Guiding civilization
He's the world's harbinger
Last hope for humanity
He's the lone wanderer